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Lice Breaker Comb is a highly efficient nit-removing comb that has been scientifically developed and manufactured using high-precision laser technology.


The whole comb is made of tempered stainless steel which allows it to be wet or be in contact with chemical products used for treating lice without rusting or its appearance or efficacy affected with use. Lice Breaker Comb can be sterilised by boiling and this will not affect its efficacy. It can also be used with normal hair conditioner in between chemical treatments as an alternative control


Long Teeth

  • Suitable for all types of hair
  • Increases the useful combing area allowing more nits to be pulled away in less passings
  • Made from special steel which enables it to comb through without pulling or damaging the hair while at the same time being able to drag away and destroy tiny nits

Anti-slide Bands on Handle
Allows better handling of comb to avoid slipping from hands which are normally wet and slippery when applying treatments.

Round Handle
Specifically designed to avoid the presence of sharp ends or edges that could be hostile for handling or for children.

Perfect Separation between Teeth
Gap between teeth is smaller than the tiniest nit so nits are trapped between two teeth and dragged along until they are removed from the hair.

Unique Microgrooved Teeth
Consisting of microscopic cutting edges distributed along the teeth in a tight spiral to trap the lice and nits.

Microscopically rounded tips
Prevents pricking, scratching, or hurting the scalp.

Comb Care

  • Hold Comb under the tap water slightly opening the teeth from the ends so that no lice or nits are left.
  • Comb can be washed in hot water or sterilised in boiling water before re-using.

Directions - 5 EASY STEPS

  1. Apply Lice Breaker Treatment Conditioner to dry hair.
  2. Massage throughly into hair base and scalp.
  3. Wait 20 minutes.
  4. Comb out the head lice and nits with Lice Breaker Comb.
  5. Wash hair with mild shampoo such as DermaVeen Oatmeal Shampoo. Repeat Steps 1-5 in seven days.

For full instructions, read the directions on both the Lice Breaker Treatment bottle and Lice Breaker Comb packaging.

The use of Lice Breaker Treatment conditioner together with Lice Breaker Comb is one of the most effective ways to control head lice. Together these two products make a 'killing combination'.

Lice Breaker® Comb - Frequently Asked Questions

What's so special about Lice Breaker® Comb?
Firstly, Lice Breaker Comb has been scientifically designed to include features that make it a truly effective tool for nit removal. Secondly, the comb has been manufactured using extremely durable material which allows sterilisation by boiling. Thirdly, the comb comes with a BREAK-FREE GUARANTEE - if you break it, we'll replace it.

Is Lice Breaker® Comb a substitute for chemical products?
Absolutely not. The Lice Breaker Comb completes the treatment by removing the nits thus interrupting the biological cycle and avoiding re-infestation.

Can Lice Breaker® Comb be shared by all family members, or is there a risk of infestation?
The Lice Breaker Comb is made of special materials that allow boiling for sterilisation purposes. It can therefore be used by several members with no risk of infestation. Should you decide to have a different comb for each family member, the Lice Breaker Comb is available with non-slipping bands in three different colours (red / blue / green) for easy identification.

How many times is the Lice Breaker® Comb to be used?
It is essential to use the comb after each treatment, so as to ensure nits are removed. Daily use during peak infestation periods (e.g. upon return from school) ensures early detection of an infestation, and a timely treatment of the problem before it becomes uncontrollable, and difficult to treat.

Can I use the comb with normal hair conditioner?
Yes, use the Lice Breaker Comb with normal hair conditioner in between using Lice Breaker Treatment to minimise re-infestation and to detect and remove live lice.

What do head lice look like and how can they be seen?
Head lice are white greyish in colour and are about the size of a sesame seed. They lay yellowish white eggs on the hair shaft very close to the scalp. Eggs 1 cm or more away from the scalp are likely to have hatched. The best way to see head lice is to wet-comb the hair with Lice Breaker Treatment or with a normal white hair conditioner. Comb the hair in the one direction using the Lice Breaker Comb at an angle. The use of a thick liquid prevents the lice from moving and they can be seen when the comb is wiped off onto a paper towel.